Efficient planning and dispatching with growing operating capacity

Niederbarnim Railways (NEB) triples its operating capacity in just 3 years. This presents new challenges for the planners and dispatchers at NEB: a larger vehicle fleet, more locomotive engineers and the decentralisation of deployment locations associated with the expansion of operations must be taken into account. Previously, NEB used conventional spreadsheet software for this: an unsuitable solution for complex, decentralised operations. In addition, new forms of communication between dispatcher and crew staff are needed.

NEB opted to introduce IVU.rail for planning and dispatching of its resources. As a fully integrated solution, IVU.rail replaces the former spreadsheet-based planning. With the products IVU.run, IVU.duty, IVU.crew and IVU.vehicle, timetable planning and the planning and dispatching of vehicles and staff can be performed quickly, flexibly and in a resource-efficient manner in one single system. 
In addition, in IVU.pad.employee, NEB has a suitable solution for reliable communication between dispatchers and decentralised train staff.

IVU.rail enables NEB to meet the complex requirements of vastly expanded, decentralised regional
railway operations, with the same number of planning and dispatching employees.
The integrated solution comprising planning and dispatching software and the use of web access are increasing operational efficiency as well as employee satisfaction.


  • Integrated planning of rail services and, in particular, staff deployment with a single system

Specific Features

  • Planning of more operating capacity with the same number of planners/ dispatchers
  • Use of the employee portal