Integrated planning and dispatch in real time

MÁV-START is the largest subsidiary of Hungarian State Railways and runs the bulk of the passenger rail network in Hungary. Until 2008, Hungarian State Railways planned and dispatched vehicles and personnel largely without system support. As a result, they were no longer able to cope with the increasing competition and the more stringent requirements that the company needed to fulfil. Thus, there was an urgent need for modernisation.

The aim was to achieve standardised and consistent planning and dispatch of vehicles and personnel – while reducing redundant process steps at the same time. One requirement was that the future system should support dispatch managers in the event of operational disruptions, which occur on a daily basis, so that measures could be taken at an early stage and quickly.

MÁV-START commissioned IVU and its Hungarian project partner Soring to introduce their standard product IVU.rail for the integrated planning and dispatch of all operational resources. As part of the project, IVU engineers designed the integration of real-time data in vehicle dispatch, which is an important part of the standard product today. The payroll accounting interface integrated in IVU.rail allows the planning, dispatching and invoicing of all employees in a central system.

Thanks to the introduction of IVU.rail, MÁV-START can now carry out its planning and dispatch of approximately 1,000 traction units and 9,000 employees via a fully integrated system. The central system significantly reduced the number of interfaces required and considerably simplified operational processes. Thus, Hungarian State Railways is well prepared for competition and future challenges.


  • More efficient planning and dispatch through the introduction of an integrated IT system
  • Simplification and automation of processes

Specific Features

  • Introduction of a standard product
  • Integration of real-time data in vehicle dispatch
  • Payroll interface for central processing of personnel data