Standardised planning and dispatch for all German transport networks

With a share of over 60% in German short-distance rail passenger transport and an operating capacity of over 670 million train kilometres per year, DB Regio AG is the clear market leader in Germany. Since 2017, DB Regio has been planning and scheduling all the regional rail networks and S-Bahn trains of the transport company in one overall system with IVU.rail.

Thanks to a completely integrated system, all planning and dispatch data from timetable and dispatch can easily be viewed at any time in consistent and transparent manner. It has been possible to significantly speed up planning processes, especially with the help of the duty optimisation and the automatic personnel dispatch functions.

The result: Reliable duty and vehicle working schedules as well as full tranparency about all personnel and vehicle services performed.


  • Standardised planning environment for all operational areas: Integrated and resource-spanning production planning with a single system
  • Increased efficiancy and reduced costs through a high degree of automation

Specific Features

  • Planning and dispatching of all transport networks in one system
  • Optimisation of personnel deployment
  • Central technical operation
  • Central technical control