Build compliant and efficient duties automatically

IVU.rail's Duty Scheduling program helps planners create duties for all personnel types: from train drivers and train conductors to stationary personnel. The automated suggestion system makes planning considerably faster and easier. Supplementary times for travel paths, breaks and transfers are taken into account automatically. A detailed and configurable rule system contains all qualitative and quantitative crewing guidelines for assigning duties. Work time regulations are also included, in addition to various personnel qualifications and operational regulations. Furthermore, perfected optimisation mechanisms provide for more efficient duty scheduling. For example, they can be used to distribute duties in a more fair manner: this makes for happier employees. Moreover, IVU.rail's precise scenario planning and comprehensive statistics functions provide orientation for making strategic decisions and offer support during tender processes. The result: optimal planning support for stable and efficient duties.

Duty scheduling with IVU.rail.duty:

  • Create duty schedules more quickly
  • Integrated planning based on train trips and vehicle workings
  • Easy operation due to extensive automation
  • Tried and true optimisation components – developed in cooperation with mathematicians from the Zuse Institute Berlin
  • Flexible and configurable rule system
  • Happy employees thanks to stable duty schedules
  • Create printouts
  • Scenario planning and statistics to help in making decisions
  • Import timetable data from subcontractors for functional passenger trips