Create efficient and resource-saving vehicle workings

Deploy vehicles efficiently, avoid non-revenue trips: helps planners to plan optimal vehicle workings quickly and with as few resources as possible.

When linking trips to vehicle workings, the system takes into account all relevant information: vehicle type, service intervals, layover times, ability to be coupled, train lengths. automatically calculates the position and orientation of the vehicles within the vehicle formation. Changes of direction are calculated automatically as well for complex train formations. The vehicle workings to be planned can be as long as you wish, from a daily vehicle working to a month-long vehicle working series. For this purpose, the system allows you to plan schematic sample weeks and specific calendar days in parallel.

Passenger trips and non-revenue trips can be scheduled just as standing vehicle workings can. For maximum efficiency, can be configured to recommend appropriate following trips for each trip.  Naturally, the program also takes into consideration shunting trips, transfer trips and maintenance blocks. Here it is possible to schedule specific activities (cleaning, refuelling, brake tests). Thanks to IVU.rail's integrated approach, appropriate duties can be assigned directly to these activities in Duty Scheduling.

The various views allow the planner to work with the vehicle view and the infrastructure view simultaneously: thus, trips and track occupancies ( Track Occupancy) can be planned in the same system. Last but not least, high-performance optimisation components are available to coordinate the planning in Vehicle Working Scheduling and Vehicle Dispatch with the expected passenger volume.

Vehicle working scheduling with

  • Configurable rule system
  • Link revenue trips and non-revenue trips to vehicle workings
  • Faster planning with automated suggestion system
  • Take into account guidelines for vehicle types, layover times, train lengths and changes of direction
  • Ask for suggestions for suitable following trips
  • Build vehicle working series in compliance with the track and depot capacities
  • Plan parking procedures in the station or depot
  • Integrate maintenance blocks
  • Easy operation via "Drag & Drop", clear graphical view
  • Integrated with the Vehicle Dispatch and Duty Scheduling programs
  • Integrated optimisation components