IVU.rail – Making Optimal Use of Trains and Personnel

Vehicles and personnel are a railway company’s most important resources. In their optimal use lie both the challenge and the greatest source of potential for increasing efficiency.

IVU.rail employs intelligent algorithms to speed up basic planning processes and ensures the optimal deployment of all resources. Based on fixed criteria, this IT solution draws up various scenarios for network planning, timetabling, vehicle working scheduling and duty scheduling. By doing so, IVU.rail integrates all of the individual planning processes into one overarching system. The software automatically takes into account the available working capital, special equipment, available employees and their respective qualifications, legal regulations and labour-law provisions, passenger counts, and predefined rule checks. Special functions make it easier to combine and split up train formations and to plan multi-day vehicle workings.

With the help of IVU.rail, planners can recognise at a glance where there is potential for improvement and can take measures accordingly – resulting in satisfied customers and cost-effective operations.

"DB Regio has already been using IVU.rail for many years to plan and dispatch select suburban rail services in an integrated manner for all of its resources. The highly integrated editing functions and the corresponding optimisation algorithms make it possible to react immediately to sudden timetable changes caused by unscheduled orders for special services and premature, unplanned roadworks."

Dr. Frank Scholz,