Berlin, 28.04.2017 | Girls’ Day 2017 at IVU

A group of schoolgirls and project engineers from IVU standing on the roof and smiling at the camera

27 April 2017 was once again dominated by Germany’s nationwide Girls’ Day, with around 100,000 schoolgirls taking the opportunity to find out about careers in IT, manual trades, science and technology. At IVU, too, 18 girls...

Berlin, 03.04.2017 | An important guest at IVU

The Philippines Secretary of Transportation visits Berlin (Photo: IVU)

Last week, IVU welcomed a high-ranking visitor. The Republic of the Philippines Secretary of Transportation, Arthur Tugade, paid a visit to the Berlin headquarters of IVU during his trip to Germany. Together with the Philippines...

Berlin, 29.06.2016 | Ticket ahoy!

The on board the Rethra. The on-board computer prints tickets and calculates the position of the ship using GPS (Photo: IVU)

IVU will be on board when the peak season starts up again on 30 June in Neubrandenburg. During this time, the number of tourists and day-trippers in the town located in the Mecklenburg region increases noticeably. The nearby Lake...

Berlin, 27.06.2016 | Improving routing

Over the course of the DYNAMO project, the data management software IVU.pool was updated and now allows to store the entire pedestrian network of a building in the database solely on the basis of architectural drawings (Image: IVU)

Routing from door to door with any means of transportation and in buildings as well – the technical groundwork for this has been laid by the DYNAMO research project. Between 2013 and 2016, project partners from the fields of...

Berlin, 24.06.2016 | Euro 2016 results in real time

Euro 2016 results in real time

As it did during the 2014 World Cup, Stadtwerke Münster is doing football fans a favour once more: anyone who is unable to watch Germany’s matches at Euro 2016 on TV at home or in public screenings can still keep up with the...

Berlin, 11.06.2016 | Experiencing IVU in model form

Experiencing IVU in model form

On 11 June 2016, the “smartest night of the year” took place again in Berlin. And of course the smart minds from IVU were part of it, too. At the Railway Operations and Experimental Site (EBuEf) at the Technische Universität...

Berlin, 10.05.2016 | Girls’ Day at IVU

At the Girls' Day at IVU the participants learned first hand how on-board computers work

At the 16th Girls’ Day on 28 April 2016, over 100,000 schoolgirls throughout Germany learned about careers in IT, manual trades, science and technology. IVU also got involved, giving ten interested girls aged 12 to 15 the...

Berlin, 29.04.2016 | m4guide research project successfully completed

m4guide research project successfully completed

The m4guide research project was geared towards safe door-to-door travel assistance for people with blindness or visual impairment. Funded by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Technology (BMWi), scientific and...

Berlin, 14.04.2016 | IVU and Ilmenau University of Technology: inspiring students

IVU and Ilmenau University of Technology: inspiring students

Students from Ilmenau University of Technology spent a week in March delving into the topic of public transport information systems. In the context of a compact course, transport experts gave practical insights into the technical...

Berlin, 23.10.2015 | IVU engineers discuss software development

At the IVU Developer School 2015, former IVU CEO Prof. Ernst Denert spoke about agile software development.

Only those who are constantly up to speed with the latest technology can write complex software. IVU’s in-house Developer School gives developers regular opportunities to discuss new technologies and enhancements to their...

Berlin, 19.10.2015 | New prospects in Israel

New prospects in Israel

Berlin's Governing Mayor Michael Müller visited Israel last week, accompanied by a delegation from the German capital. Among them was IVU CEO Martin Müller-Elschner.

Berlin, 02.10.2015 | IVU users set up new user group

IVU users set up new user group

Straight from practical experience to development – that’s the idea of the IVU user groups. Several transport authorities and companies have now set up another user group at an inaugural meeting at IVU’s headquarters in Berlin....

Berlino/Roma, 15.06.2015 | 15 Anni di IVU Italia

(Foto: Jorge Royan / CC-BY-SA-3.0)

Con sedi in 11 paesi e oltre 500 clienti in tutto il mondo oggi la IVU è più internazionale che mai. Questo processo ha avuto inizio ben 15 anni fa con la fondazione da parte della IVU della sua prima grande sede in Italia.

Berlin, 28.04.2015 | IVU research: Open geodata for navigation system for the visually impaired

At the One Stop Europe 2015 conference, IVU presented initial findings from the research project m4guide, which aims to develop a navigation solution for the blind and visually impaired. IVU engineer Henry Michels explained to...

Berlin, 13.03.2015 | IVU at MainDays 2015

MainDays 2015 is taking place in Berlin on 24-25 March 2015. At this annual event of the maintenance sector, IVU is presenting IVU.workforce, its solution for mobile field service deployment. Visitors will be able to try out the...

Berlin/Münster, 12.02.2015 | Carnival fares in Münster

During the carnival period everything is a bit different – and in the German city of Münster this even includes the tariffs for local public transport services. In the week leading up to Shrove Tuesday, the customers of the...

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Berlin, 12.01.2015 | IBIS-IP: IVU already using the finished specifications for their customers

Together with other partners, IVU has worked in the IP-KOM-ÖV research project of the Association of German Transport Companies (VDV) to develop the future standard for digital data transmission in public transport vehicles. As...

Berlin/Budapest, 20.11.2014 | Budapest’s timetable information now in Google Maps

In Budapest, passengers using the public transport services of BKK (Budapesti Közlekedési Központ) can now plan their journeys with Google Maps. The route planning function of the online service presents live information about...

Berlin, 15.09.2014 | German-Turkish Summer School

IVU is always keen to offer students an insight into the IT systems that keep public transport operations running smoothly. A recent example of this was the “IVU-Sakarya University 1st Summer School” from 18 to 22 August.

Aachen, 15.07.2014 | Bringing practical experience into the lecture room

For the second time, IVU is offering young computer scientists at RWTH Aachen insights into the IT systems that keep public transport operating smoothly.

Berlin, 11.06.2014 | IVU Awarded for "Excellence in Technology"

The IVU team and their colleagues from Transport for London and project partner Aardvark receive the London Transport Award 2014.

After receiving the UITP award in May of last year, IVU Traffic Technologies AG has been honoured once again. Together with Transport for London and Aardvark, it was awarded a prize for "Excellence in Technology" on 5 March at...

Berlin, 11.04.2014 | IVU.elect: Elezioni amministrative moderne a Monaco

Il 16 e il 30 marzo sono stati rieletti il Consiglio comunale, i Consiglieri di distretto ed il Sindaco della città di Monaco, capitale della Regione Baviera. Oltre un milione di votanti sono stati chiamati a scegliere gli 80...

Berlin, 02.04.2014 | Girls' Day in der IVU

Am 27. März 2014 fand bereits zum 14. Mal der bundesweite Girls‘ Day statt. Fast 103.000 Schülerinnen der weiterführenden Schulen konnten in über 9.000 verschiedenen Veranstaltungen ihre Interessen und Talente für...

Berlin, 28.02.2014 | Nuovi treni per la TU di Berlino

Dietro ai cancelli dell'Università Tecnica di Berlino (TU) si trova una area di studi molto speciale, denominata "Operazioni ferroviarie e Zona sperimentale" (EBuEf). Qui viene offerta la possibilità di sperimentare realmente la...

Berlin, 07.02.2014 | Visitando Myanmar

Il Presidente della IVU Martin Müller-Elschner è uno dei 14 delegati imprenditoriali ad aver accompagnato il Presidente della Repubblica Federale di Germania Joachim Gauck in una visita di tre giorni in Myanmar, dal 9 all'11...

Aachen, 22.01.2014 | Die IVU in der WDR-Lokalzeit aus Aachen

Wie funktioniert eigentlich Echtzeit-Fahrgastinformation? Diese und weitere Fragen beantwortet der WDR heute Abend um 19.30 Uhr in der Lokalzeit aus Aachen.

Aachen, 06.12.2013 | ASEAG ed IVU presentano una app di mobilità per Aquisgrana

Oltre che dalle 57 colonne di informazioni realtime di infomobilità attualmente installate nell'area di Aquisgrana dalla società di trasporto pubblico ASEAG, i viaggiatori potranno in futuro accedere direttamente alle...

Berlin, 18.11.2013 | Novità nella pianificazione e vestizione.

Puntualmente al cambio orario 2013, la release 13 del nostro software di pianificazione e vestizione è ora disponibile per tutti i clienti IVU.

Berlin, 12.11.2013 | Seminario IVU su IBIS & SOA

20 Novembre, ore 13:00, Mercure Hotel Stoccarda

Berlin, 05.11.2013 | Il Vietnam cerca partner tedeschi

C'è un considerevole potenziale di sviluppo nel lungo e sottile Paese di fronte alla costa meridionale della Cina. E' per questo che una delegazione di imprenditori accompagnati dal sindaco di Berlino in carica Klaus Wowereit si...

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Berlin, 21.10.2013 | Diversità come fattore di successo

La IVU partecipa alla fiera STICKS & STONES a Berlino

Berlin, 16.10.2013 | Di Paese in Paese

Seminario sulla georeferenziazione a Medellín in Colombia

Berlin, 07.10.2013 | Novità nei prodotti di stampa IVU: nuove broschure sulla logistica

Oggi sono state spedite le prime 3.000 copie della broschure di IVU sulla logistica. In 16 pagine il lettore riceve una visione d'insieme del potenziale di ottimizzazione strategica per le localizzazioni con IVU.locate e per...

Berlin, 23.09.2013 | Quarta elezione del Bundestag con IVU.elect

Dopo che la Baviera ha votato per il suo nuovo Parlamento il 15 settembre, questa domenica è stata la volta di tutti i tedeschi che hanno espresso il loro voto per il rinnovo del Bundestag. Circa 62 milioni di elettori hanno...

Berlin, 16.09.2013 | La IVU sostiene la campagna UITP per il Transporto Pubblico

In coincidenza con la Settimana europea per la mobilità, lunedì scorso ha preso il via la campagna per la "Crescita del Trasporto Pubblico" organizzata dalla Associazione internazionale (UITP). Anche la IVU vi prende parte in...

Berlin/London, 12.09.2013 | Soluzione modello per l'informazione real-time ai passeggeri

Peter Bell, Silke Elvery, Gary Nicholson, Alexander Gran, John Dowson, Thomas Noyes, and Stephen Bennet (l. to r.) discussing the future of passenger information services.

Circa 230 partecipanti si sono riuniti a Londra l'11 settembre per discutere gli ultimi sviluppi e le nuove ptendenze sui servizi di infomobilità. In qualità di azienda leader nel settore dell'informazione all'utenza, anche la...

Berlin, 06.09.2013 | IVU.locate: servizi di georeferenziazione via web

Persino il miglior sistema di georeferenziazione può fornire risultati attendibili solo con un accesso a dati attendibili. Nella maggior parte dei Paesi europei i più rilevanti geodati standardizzati in forma di mappe...

Aachen, 30.08.2013 | Esperienze pratiche in un'aula magna

La IVU presenta applicazioni pratiche di scienza dell'informatica nel settore del trasporto pubblico a giovani studenti informatici della Università RWTH di Aquisgrana

Berlin, 15.08.2013 | Londra: prima gli autobus e ora anche i traghetti !

Grazie al sistema di informazione dinamica all'utenza IVU.realtime, i clienti dell'Azienda di trasporto londinese TfL sono sempre ben informati. IVU.realtime garantisce un'informazione sugli autobus londinesi in tempo reale,...

Berlin, 18.07.2013 | Explaining Technology

Soft skills such as a clear writing style can be vital for a successful career. This applies both for graduates with a background in the humanities and also for engineers and natural scientists. But expressing thoughts, queries...

Berlin, 30.04.2013 | Girls' Day at IVU

Finding out about working as a software engineer

Berlin, 23.04.2013 | Regio-RBL successfully introduced in Bremen/lower Saxony Transport Association

Real-time information about departure times, available connections, or alternative transport options

Berlin, 22.03.2013 | Fokus on rail transport: Eurasia Rail Instanbul

Sales manager Oytun Arslan explains the optimisation potential for rail transport in his speech at Eurasia Rail 2013

IVU sales manager Oytun Arslan presents an integrated rail solution

Berlin, 12.03.2013 | UITP Public Transport Conference in Izmir, Turkey

Considerable interest in e-ticketing solutions from Germany

Berlin/Rom, 13.02.2013 | La IVU Italia continua a crescere

„E’ bello vedere come il nostro lavoro stia dando i suoi frutti. La IVU Italia si ingrandisce, e questo già da 13 anni. Sono orgoglioso di quanto il mio team sia in grado di soddisfare la clientela con la sua competenza in...

München, 17.12.2012 | New MVV ticket navigator is online

Advertising hoardings throughout Munich are drawing attention to the new MVV Ticket Navigator

In June 2006, the MVV transport and tariff association in Munich (Münchner Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund) introduced its MVV Ticket Navigator, a specially developed service providing extensive travel and tariff advice on a scale...

Aachen, 29.11.2012 | IVU software engineers report about their daily work

More than 300 companies will be presenting themselves to interested students and graduates in this anniversary year of the Aachen Bonding contact fair. On 3 December at 9.30 a.m. the contact exhibition will open its gates for the...

Berlin, 14.11.2012 | IVU at the RTPI conference in London

Public transport is becoming increasingly important for the major cities of the world as their road traffic becomes more and more congested. But in order to motivate car drivers to switch to public transport, the services offered...

Aachen, 26.10.2012 | NRW Transport Minister Groschek visits IVU

NRW Transport Minister Groschek and IVU branch manager Bergstein discussing the planned Campusbahn

On 26 October the working group “Self-employed in the SPD” extended an invitation to an information event in the Aachen branch of IVU Traffic Technologies AG. The guest of honour on the panel discussing the planned Campusbahn...

Aachen, 02.10.2012 | Premiere für „Aachener Firmenlauf“

Über 2500 Teilnehmer von mehr als 200 Aachener Firmen wollten sich den „1. Aachener Firmenlauf“ am 02.10.2012 nicht entgehen lassen und gingen für ihr Unternehmen an den Start.

Berlin, 10.09.2012 | IVU makes the running once again

The IVU running team

With a best time of 1:33:50, the IVU men’s team were the winners of this year’s Berlin B2RUN on 5 September in the Olympic Stadium.

Berlin, 08.08.2012 | London Bus Live Departures on new i-Phone App

London Bus Live Departures

Updated departure times for 8,500 buses from 19,000 stops direct to your smartphone

Aachen, 22.06.2012 | 22 June 2012: Summer festival of computer sciences at RWTH Aachen University

Once again this year the Computer Sciences Department of RWTH Aachen University is holding a summer festival with its new graduates. Certificates will be presented in a graduation ceremony on 22 June. IVU is a sponsor for the...

Berlin, 04.06.2012 | “Made in Berlin” – Lecture on modern mobility concepts at the Technische Universität Berlin

On 4 June 2012, Martin Müller-Elschner, CEO of IVU Traffic Technologies AG, will be giving a guest lecture at the Technische Universität Berlin on modern IT mobility solutions as part of the lecture series Supply and production...

Berlin, 16.04.2012 | IVU presents itself to future software engineers on 24 April at the Connecticum

On 24 April, the Connecticum job fair opens its doors in Berlin for the tenth time, offering students and graduates an opportunity to learn about a wide variety of possible careers. IVU is once again represented at the company...

Berlin, 30.03.2012 | With Berlin’s Governing Mayor in India

As part of the programme of “Germany and India 2011/2012, with its thematic focus on “City Spaces”, Berlin’s Chamber of Industry and Commerce extended invitations to companies from the region to travel to India from 24 to 29...

Berlin, 06.03.2012 | New IVU design in the Top 100

The new IVU design has received the “Rebrand 100 Global Award 2012” as one of the best 100 relaunch projects worldwide.

Aachen, 02.02.2012 | Das Smartphone steuert den Bus

Vortrag am 02.02.2012 um 16:30h im Informatik-Kolloquium an der RWTH Aachen

Bernau, 29.11.2011 | “Discovering hidden treasure” – the efficient use of geo-data

The use of geo-data has become a part of our everyday lives. Journey routes are calculated, locations at the other end of the world are explored using the Internet, or the nearest filling station is identified using a smartphone.

Berlin, 28.11.2011 | 520 pages of knowledge about IT systems in public transport

A view of the workings of a modern public transport company is offered by the book “IT-Systeme für Verkehrsunternehmen: Informationstechnik im öffentlichen Personenverkehr” from the IT specialist Dr. Gero Scholz.

Aachen, 28.11.2011 | IVU presents career opportunities

Once again the bonding company contact exhibition in Aachen is a central meeting point for young job seekers and the companies in the region. It opens its gates for the 24th time on 28 November – this year with 4000 m² of floor...

Aachen, 07.11.2011 | IVU takes part in the Aachen Company Night on 9 November

On 9 November the Technology Centre Aachen will be hosting the Company Night 2011. IVU is taking part and will be giving interested students and graduates an interesting opportunity to learn more about daily work in the company.

Berlin, 12.10.2011 | IVU-Vorstand begleitet Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel nach Vietnam

Seit Dienstag ist Bundeskanzlerin Angela Merkel zusammen mit Vertretern 15 deutscher mittelständischer Unternehmen auf Staatsbesuch in Vietnam. Einziges Berliner Unternehmen auf der Delegationsreise ist die IVU Traffic...

Berlin, 14.09.2011 | IVU-Team Deutscher Firmenlaufmeister

Beim diesjährigen Berliner B2RUN am 14. September rannte das IVU-Team allen davon.

Berlin, 01.07.2011 | 1. Hausmesse in den Räumen der IVU in Berlin

Im Sommer dieses Jahres gab es nach 35 Jahren Firmengeschichte eine Premiere bei der IVU. Erstmalig organisierte das Führungsnachwuchsteam eine interne Hausmesse, die den Kollegen einen Blick über die eigenen Bereichs- und...

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Berlin, 16.06.2011 | Project Management Institut zu Gast bei der IVU

Anlass des Treffens war der Vortrag „Agiles Projektmanagement trotz Festpreisangebot“. Diesen hielt Gregor Böhme, Bereichsleiter bei der IVU.