BOGG: A time saving of 80 percent thanks to automatic personnel dispatch

Almost 19,000 passengers use the Busbetrieb Olten Gösgen Gäu (BOGG) bus service every day. To make sure that its passengers get to their destination, BOGG has relied on the IVU.suite planning products for its timetable planning, run scheduling and duty scheduling since 2004. In order to stay competitive, BOGG’s aim was to optimise staff rostering in line with employee needs and to automate the planning process. This way, BOGG wanted to achieve a time saving of at least 50 percent for the task of staff rostering.

To improve the flexibility of rostering, BOGG decided to enhance this by rolling out IVU.crew’s automatic personnel dispatch (APD) function. The system controls and optimises the full deployment of staff – from long-term annual planning to dispatching for the next day. APD also provides support in the event of absences at short notice: It automatically calculates suitable alternatives and makes recommendations. This helps the dispatch managers at BOGG to resolve potential disruptions to operations more quickly, easily and efficiently.

An integrated employee portal is the central interface for communication between drivers and dispatchers. Employees are informed of their duties via the portal, and they can use it to access up-to-date information – from holiday approvals to short-notice duty modifications.

The automatic personnel dispatch function of IVU.crew far exceeded the time saving for the planning process of 50 percent that BOGG originally envisaged: a time gain of 80 percent was achieved overall. Instead of the usual ten days, the dispatch managers can now create the monthly deployment schedule in just two days. The employees have also benefited from this. APD has meant a very high level of request approval.


    • High flexibility for duty scheduling and rostering
    • Automation and optimisation of staff rostering without violating regulations
    • Time savings

      Specific details

      • Introduction of automatic personnel dispatch