Sebastian Wahle, Division Manager, at IVU in Berlin since 2013

Division manager Sebastian Wahle has been working in the department for international projects at IVU since 2013. What motivates him day-to-day and what is working as a project manager all about? 

Sebastian, what is your everyday work like and what is you motivation working as a project manager at IVU?

Here at IVU the department for international projects comprises two teams which support our customers all over the world with the implementation of our products and software solutions. We work in close cooperation within our project teams, as well as with our customers. This is one of my main motivations regarding my day-to-day work,- it´s about the people that surround me and those for whom I want to be available for, always trying to encourage a positive working atmosphere and making it worth working for.

Recalling the time you worked at IVU, what would you say was the most exciting project?

For me the most exciting project experience was and it still is our “Vietnam-Project”. We basically help the Vietnamese State railway on their path through digital transformation and support the process of superseding pencil and paper with our IT solutions. 

Especially with projects like this one, in a completely different environment, we face many exciting challenges that help us grow our experience and lead to a better understanding of processes, people and diverse traffic solutions. 

How would you best describe the IVU with only one word and what do you think is working as a project manager all about?

I would say „collaborative“ describes it the best. Here at IVU we all pull together, help and support one another. In my eyes this the key value at IVU and it is fundamental for the good atmosphere at our work place. Along with it goes a proper way of interacting and communicating. Being open minded, open about dissenting opinions and clear about issues, will avoid misunderstandings and improve cooperation, especially with regards to our diverse international customers.

To apply as a project engineer there is no specific study background required. Obviously in our field of digitizing public transport, numeracy skills, as well as an understanding of software and hardware are helpful. Other than that, I believe that people skills, or let’s say the right intuition and feeling of how to approach people and cope with team work processes are what matters most.